Brahui (Original: Bra-hu-i=Northern Mountainers) is a Proto Dravidian word. Non-Brahuis also call them: Brohi, this word is Arabic origin. Brahui is a Dravidian language spoken by Brahui people of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and expatriate communities in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and Iran.It is isolated from the nearest Dravidian-speaking neighbour population by a distance of more than 1,500 kilometres (930 mile) Brahui is spoken in the southwest region of Pakistan, as well as regions of Afghanistan and Iran which border Pakistan; however, many members of the ethnic group no longer speak Brahui.The 2005 edition of Ethnologue reports that there are some 2.2 million speakers; 90% of those live in Pakistan, mainly in the region of Balochistan but actually correct population of Brahui in all the World is above 20 million. There is no consensus as to whether Brahui is a relatively recent language introduced into Balochistan or remnant of an older widespread Dravidian language family.Many hypothesis about Brahui origin are present. One Hypothis has declared that Dravidians invaded India from north- western Asia through Balochistan after the Proto australoid race. Due importance should be attached to the fact that the speech of Brahui which bears close resemblance to be Modern-Dravidian language. Second hypothesis is that the Brahui come from India via Maharashtra, Gujrat, Sindh, Balochistan. Except these two theories, modern theory is that young linguist and historian Nazir Shakir Brahui declared that by his research Brahuis didn’t come from outsite but Brahuis are aborigin of this area. In his opinion Brahui Language is parent language of Modern-Dravidian and Sindhi language or Brahui is not offspring of Proto-Dravidian language but it self is a Proto-Dravidian language. Whom Nazir Shakir Brahui call Proto-VaRakoi.Brahui Wa Baloch (براهوئي و بلوچ)By: Nazir Shakir BrahuiPublisher: Brahui Research Institute (BRI)Brahui Wa Baloch is the first controversial book on Brahui and Baloch nations written by Nazir Shakir Brahui, Director Brahui Research Institute (BRI) Pakistan.READ BOOK

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