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Brahui Research Institute Pakistan was established on the occasion of February 22, 2013 (International Mother Language Day). The main goal of this institute is to conduct research on Brahui language, history, linguistics, geography, tribes, culture and literature. And to provide academic information to Brahuis and non-Brahuis around the world who are interested in Brahui history, language and linguistics and want to do research.


Director, Brahui Research Institute

Nazir Shakir Brahui is noted linguists, historian, anthropologist, archaeologist, lexicographer, writer and researcher of Brahui and Sindhi language. He is current director of Brahui Research Institute Pakistan (Shikarpur/Quetta).

Brahui Wa Baloch is the first controversial book on Brahui and Baloch nations written by Nazir Shakir Brahui, Director Brahui Research Institute (BRI) Pakistan.

Nazir Shakir Brahui

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