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Brahui Research Institute Pakistan was established on the occasion of February 22, 2013 (International Mother Language Day). The main goal of this institute is to conduct research on Brahui language, history, linguistics, geography, tribes, culture and literature. And to provide academic information to Brahuis and non-Brahuis around the world who are interested in Brahui history, language and linguistics and want to do research.

Director, Brahui Research Institute

Nazir Shakir Brahui is noted linguists, historian, anthropologist, archaeologist, lexicographer, writer and researcher of Brahui and Sindhi language. He is current director of Brahui Research Institute Pakistan (Shikarpur/Quetta).

Brahui Wa Baloch is the first controversial book on Brahui and Baloch nations written by Nazir Shakir Brahui, Director Brahui Research Institute (BRI) Pakistan.

Nazir Shakir Brahui

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The International School of Dravidian Linguistics is arranging a Special Lecture on “On the Ancient Brahui Script” on 28th September, 2023 from 10:30am to 12:30pm (IST) in online mode (on Google meet platform). Lecture will be delivered by: Dr. Nazir Shakir Brahui (Dr. Nazir Ahmed) Director Brahui Research Institute Sindh, Pakistan

Dr. Qayum Bedar and Professor Dr. Sosan Brahui became my guests.

کل شام کو براہوئی زبان کے نامور محققین، دانشور، شاعر،سفرنامہ نگار، لوک ادب کے ماہرین،ماہر لسانیات محترم ڈاکٹر قیوم بیدار صاحب اور پروفیسر ڈاکٹر سوسن براہوئی صاحب میرے مہمان بنے. اس ملاقات کے دوران براہوئی زبان و ادب کے مختلف اینگلز سے جائزہ لیا گیا. Yesterday evening eminent researchers of the Brahui language, intellectuals, poets, […]

How was “Balochistan” named after Balochi’s?

Pakistan’s modern province of Balochistan covers an area of 347.190 sq. km. This province covers 43.6% of the land area of Pakistan. It has 38 districts. It is home to three major ethnic groups: the Brahuis (who are considered Baloch by Baloch politicians), the Pashtuns, and the Balochs. The ancient Brahui country or state is […]

The Rise Of A Brahui Consciousness

"The spirit of political and national consciousness is now flourishing in the Brahuis. Due to this, the youth has raised its voice and started seeing itself as distinct from the Baloch nation," writes Nazir Shakir Brahui What the nations of the world do in their daily lives is called culture. Culture has two types, material [...]